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#withMalala Educator & Parent Toolkit

“Malala grew into the incredible young woman she is today because of great teachers. If you believe in teachers’ power to change the world, stand with us. Thank you for teaching and expanding the minds and in nite hope of young people. Thank you for opening their eyes to a wider world.”

  • Ziauddin Yousafzai Father, Educator and Co-Founder of Malala Fund

Educator Resources

Bring the message of HE NAMED ME MALALA to your classroom, then start a conversation about the film and girls’ education with our Curriculum Guide.

Learn to use the HE NAMED ME MALALA curriculum guide by watching the webinar from Facing History and Ourselves.

Help your kids discover more about Malala, her family and her work as an education ac- tivist by reading “I Am Malala,” written with Christina Lamb.

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Discover how to support global efforts for girls’ education in this guide from The George Washington University Global Women’s Institute. Younger readers can use this guide for ages 10+.

“My students need to interact with films such as this so they can better understand the world they live in. ”
Ms. Amanda

Parent Resources

Bring the message of HE NAMED ME MALALA to your home, then start a conversation with your children about girls’ education with our Parent Discussion Guide.

Find information on how to talk with your children about the movies’s themes, foster awareness of issues surrounding girls’ education and take action.

“Reading Malala's book coupled with seeing this great film will really help my scholars realize the power of ONE fighting for the plight of many!”
Mrs. Simpson

Support Malala Fund

Use your creativity and passion to fundraise for Malala Fund and support education programmes in some of the toughest places to be a girl.

More than 130 million girls are out of school. Your gift can help change that.

“As an educator of young people on the edge of adulthood, I feel it my moral duty to shed light on the injustices that exists in our world of realities. Opportunities to shine that light on courageous individuals who speak truth to power, are opportunities not be missed!”
Ms. Mora