We’re working for 12 years of free, safe, quality education for every girl.

Funding 12 Years for All

Governments and institutions must choose to invest in girls’ education. Learn more:

Safer, Healthier, Wealthier: How G20 investments in girls’ education improve our world

Beyond Basics Report

Education Financing Issues

Protecting 12 Years in Conflict and Crisis

Governments must protect girls’ rights to 12 years of safe education in situations of conflict. Learn more:

#YesAllGirls: Education and the Global Refugee Response

21.3 million people are refugees today, more than at any point in recent history. Almost 80% of all refugee adolescents are out of school; those left behind are mostly girls. Malala Fund is calling on governments that #YesAllGirls includes girls who are also refugees.


Supporting Primary and Secondary Education for Refugees: The Role of International Financing

#NotLost: Claiming Syria's Future

Syria's crisis is one of the world’s most acute humanitarian emergencies. Improving access to education for displaced and refugee children from Syria is a high priority for the Malala Fund.


Funding Overview