Kenya's capital city Nairobi is fast becoming a digital hub of Africa. The Malala Fund is working to ensure that economically marginalized girls can take advantage of this trend. It invests in secondary education and information and communication technology training programs to prepare low income girls for 21st century jobs.

  • 21st Century Skills:

    The Malala Fund supports girls from Nairobi’s slums to enrol in NairoBits’ Girls’ Centres, where they receive training in information and communication technology (ICT) skills, reproductive health, and life skills; and training to prepare them to enter the workforce. The programme also assists the girls to find jobs and internships in the technology sector.

  • Secondary Education for Girls:

    Although primary education is universal in Kenya, secondary school fees are out of reach for many in the country. As a result, less than half of girls in Kenya enrol in secondary school. On her first trip to Africa in May 2014, Malala met girls from rural communities in the Masai Mara to talk about the challenges they encounter in going to school. To help meet these girls’ needs the Malala Fund supports Free The Children’s Oleleshwa All-Girls Secondary School in Narok County.