Huma's story

With no middle school for girls in her village in Pakistan to attend, Huma dropped out of school at age 12.

A Malala Fund grant supported the construction of a new school in Huma’s village and allowed her — and 1000 more girls — to continue their studies.

Second highest

Pakistan has the second highest number of girls out of school of any country in the world.

Malala Fund invests in technology developed by Haroon Yasin to help out-of-school girls catch up on missed lessons at home so they can continue their education.

Only 51%

Women with a primary education in Pakistan earn 51% of what men earn. With a secondary education, they earn 70%.

A Malala Fund grant helps Zehra Arshad train and empower girls to fight cultural norms that hold them back.

867 attacks

From 2007 and 2015, extremists attacked 867 schools in Pakistan, often because they taught science or educated girls.

In addition to building two new girls’ schools, we support Maryam Amjad Khan, Umme Kalsoom Seyal and Areebah Shahid who campaign for the government to provide resources girls need.

Education Champions

Malala Fund’s Education Champion Network supports the work of education advocates in countries where girls face the greatest challenges to education. Local educators and activists understand the issues girls face in their communities — and they are best placed to develop solutions.

Meet our Education Champions in Pakistan.

“In just a few years, Malala Fund has invested $6 million in our work for girls’ education in Pakistan.”

— Malala, April 2017


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