As a Nigerian girl living under the threat of Boko Haram, Amina was lucky to be in school.

Since she was 12 years-old, family and community members pressured Amina’s parents, telling them she should quit school and get married. Her parents didn’t listen — they believed education was their daughter’s best chance at success.

But like many girls in Nigeria, expensive school tuition fees put her future at risk.

Thanks to Malala Fund supporters, Amina was able to afford secondary education, participate in an after-school mentorship program and attend leadership training. She learned to become her own advocate. “I encourage everyone, most importantly parents, to support girls’ education,” she says.

With the looming threat of Boko Haram, the trip to school was not always safe, so Amina walked to and from class with a group of friends and made sure to arrive home before dark. But Amina knew so many girls didn’t have the same opportunity to learn. She set high standards for herself, paid close attention in class and studied hard. “My advice to every girl: dare to be educated.”

Now at 20, Amina is attending university and preparing for the day when she can travel the world to fight for the rights of all girls — just like Malala.

Without their families’ encouragement and funding from supporters like you, many girls will never go to school. Donate today to provide more girls like Amina with the help they need to complete 12 years of school.