At age 13, Rahma came to Dadaab, Kenya, the world’s largest refugee camp. She had never been inside a classroom — but Rahma worked hard to catch up and, in a few years, graduated primary school.

By 18, Rahma was working hard in secondary school, when her parents decided to move back to Somalia. They promised she could continue her education in her home country.

But when her family arrived back in Somalia, there was no school for Rahma to attend. Her father declared her education finished and said he was marrying her to a man in his 50s, whom Rahma had never met.

Rahma remembered a friend from the refugee camp, who had won a scholarship to a university in Canada. She borrowed a neighbor’s internet connection and contacted him through Facebook. The college student sent her $70.

Rahma snuck out of her house, bought a bus ticket and set out on an eight day trip back to the refugee camp…all to continue her education.

On a visit to Dadaab in July, Malala called Rahma the bravest girl she’s ever met.

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