In India, many people believe it is unsafe for a girl to leave her house alone. At age 17, Preeti’s parents agreed.

Most girls Preeti’s village don’t go to school. Some are forced to marry young. Other girls are kept home because their parents fear they will face street harassment or sexual violence on the walk to school. Some families can’t afford school fees.

Preeti knew she was lucky to attend secondary school, but didn’t know how to help the girls who didn’t have that same chance.

Thanks to Malala Fund supporters, Preeti attended leadership and advocacy training to help her fight for girls in her community. With the help of supportive adults in her village, she now talks with girls and their families about the importance of education and equality between brothers and sisters. “I never used to go outside my home alone. But now I am confident enough to visit all the girls’ houses in my village.”

Today Preeti is looking toward the future with courage and determination. “I have no fear now and have decided that I will continue my studies and work as well.”

Far too many girls around the world live in fear and can’t go to school. Donate today to help girls like Preeti fight for their rights.