Millions of Syrian refugee girls are out of school — their hopes for a better future disappearing each day. 13 year-old Tasneem was one of them.

As the conflict spread in Syria, Tasneem’s father and brother were arrested. “We are told they may have died in prison,” she says. Her mother took her two daughters, fled Syria and settled in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley refugee camp.

Hana, Tasneem’s mother, hoped her girls could go to school in the camp. “In Syria, my sister and I worked on farms and in the home. But if we had finished our education, we could have had better jobs. We would be better off now, as educated refugees.”

But there was no school for girls in Bekaa Valley when Tasneem arrived in the camp.

Then last year, Malala Fund supporters donated money to build a school for girls in Bekaa Valley. On her 18th birthday, Malala traveled to the camp for the ribbon-cutting at the new school.

That day, Tasneem put on her uniform and pink backpack and walked through the camp with her sister, on their way to the brighter future their mother dreamed they would have.

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