By age 17, Zaynab was a refugee of three wars, in Yemen, Somalia and Egypt.

“I started to think conflict was following me everywhere I went,” she says. So she applied for a visa to join relatives in the United States.

Zaynab’s visa was approved and she arrived to her new home in Minnesota in the middle of a cold December.

Two days later and without knowing any English, Zaynab enrolled in high school. “They told me I could just wait until the next term, but I said ‘No. I’ve already been out of school for two years. I can’t waste any more time.’”

And she didn’t. A year and a half later, Zaynab had a 4.0 GPA and was captain of her soccer team. “I’m not remarkable,” she says. “There are refugee girls who can do better than me, who are smarter than me. They just need to be given a chance.”

Today Zaynab is studying at a women’s college. She wants to return to Yemen and serve her people as a human rights lawyer.

Refugee girls are ambitious, hopeful that they can rebuild their countries and determined to contribute to a better world. Donate today to give girls like Zaynab the chance they deserve.