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#withMalala Student Toolkit

We are so excited that you're part of our global community of young people working together to stand #withMalala and help girls everywhere have access to 12 years of primary and secondary education! No matter who or where you are, like Malala says, it only takes one person to change the world – everyone can make an impact!

“While the world stood silent due to fear, you took a chance to change the world. I am honored to live in a world where voices like yours exist. ”
Madeline, student

Learn & Engage

Bring the inspiring message of HE NAMED ME MALALA to your school, organization, community or home, then start a conversation about the film and girls’ education with our discussion guide.

Discover more about Malala, her family and her work as an education activist by reading "I Am Malala," written with Christina Lamb.

Learn more about why and how to improve education for girls around the world.

For students and educators page

Discuss the important messages of the book "I Am Malala" in your classroom or club.

“Malala inspired me to help others in need of education. ”
Anthony, Student

Raise Your Voice

Get important updates on Malala Fund campaigns and nd more petitions concerning girls’ rights around the world.

New to being an advocate? This toolkit will help you get started and teach you about organizing for change.

Explore the #withMalala digital art project with original work submitted by students around the world to raise awareness for girls’ education.

More than 1,100 Girl Up Clubs and Campuses in 63 countries are standing #withMalala and joining the movement for girls' education.

“I have learned to appreciate and enjoy what I have. To fight for what I believe in.”

Support Malala Fund

Use your creativity and passion to fundraise for Malala Fund and support education programmes in some of the toughest places to be a girl.

U.S. supporters can collect unwanted clothing to support girls' education. It's easy and free, and 40% of the proceeds go directly to Malala Fund to help girls go to school.

More than 130 million girls are out of school. Your gift can help change that.